Slave to the Tuna EP

by The Marble Tea

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(or, Modern Cat in Search of a Fish)

Songs & Noises by KBJr
Cover Star: The Drake

This EP was originally released as a download-only companion to the Fantastic Day EP. Another collection of home recordings.

© 2006 Presto MusiCo. The selections are BMI.

Please feel free to share these songs with your friends. Commercial use prohibited without prior permission. For more free music, visit The Marble Tea Webthing (

this is digital lo-fi.


released October 18, 2006




The Marble Tea Point Pleasant

Drawing mandalas and watching Captain Kangaroo...that's pretty much what it's like in here. I enjoy writing songs about my cats and cartoon insects, but I'm also fond of feeling up the tentacles that lead to the oneness of existence. That's the Marble Tea experience.

Recommended for fans of Jonathan Richman, Robyn Hitchcock, Jazz Butcher, Magnetic Fields, etc.
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Track Name: My Secret Feelings About Plants
i have never been hunting
can't shoot a bird or a deer
don't see why that's such a fun thing
that's one thing that's never been clear
(survival's another matter)

i used to go fishing
but i threw 'em all back in
don't want to wreck their home life
or ruffle the hair on their fin
(you can't look in their eyes and not)

hey hey little squirrelly
running out in front of my car
i'd rather hit the president
than roll you into the tar
(i said it and i meant it)

i touched a leaf upon a fern
i felt the fern react
the fern seemed to care....

i'm not wild about spiders
don't like 'em creeping around
christina says when they're inside
they're tresspassing, let's take 'em down
(still i hate to do it to them)
Track Name: T.S. Camelot
we're staying out of camden
we're heading down to medford
we're looking for a quiet place
where we can hide away

if someone wants to find us
well tell them nevermind us
we know they're looking hard for us
in every little town

we stop into a thrift store
make sure it has a backdoor
it's good it's great it's everything
that we could ever want

from ashtrays to bell-bottoms
just look and yeah they got 'em
and cosmos by carl sagan
is a universal thing

she looks good in that jacket
and i'm all buddy hackett
so i am pleased to find a crate
of vinyl in the back

and terra cotta warriors
on postcards sent to lawyers
with cryptic notes inscribed
in faded ink upon the back

she's into umbrellas
and bald bespectacled fellas
but wearing wigs is fun
it makes you feel like hercules

and when at last we leave here
lancelot and guinevere
we armed enough with stuff
to make our own sweet camelot
Track Name: I Wish It Would Snow (Acoustic)
She said,
"I wish it would snow all winter long
Because I need something fun to tickle my little tongue.
Oh, flurries are fine: dusting my face and glitter my hair,
But they're infrequent, just like my lovers,
And I'd rather just stay in bed...."

She said,
"I wish I could do whatever it is that you do."
Well, this forced him to laugh and re-evaluate everything.
"No, don't wear my shoes: I'm always tripping and stumbling about.
And even though they look like they fit
Well, they're really far too big...."

I never understood selective generosity
And why does the shame of the past
Govern my thoughts like a fog?

She said,
"I'm waiting for you down by the dock,
And I'm tempted to throw myself in to see what Shelley saw."
Are kind words enough for someone whose head may burst into flames?
And in her diary the words are all true
But it never seems the same:

I never understood selective generosity
And why does the shame of the past
Govern my thoughts like a fog?
Track Name: Anything That Makes A Memory
Anything that makes a memory
Is worth going through.

Doo doo doo.
Track Name: Who's Been In Your Dreams?
I dreamed I was talking on the telephone
With Amy Poehler
As she ate her kung pao chicken
At 4 am, but I had to go
'Cause my hand was catching fire again
Like it always does

Could she dream she's on the telephone
With a stranger
As her chopsticks work like wooden fingers
At 4 am, but he has to go
As he screams "Not this again,
Oh God, please God no!"

Who's been in your dreams
Can you name them all
Who's been in your dreams
Can you name them all